Pastry/ Bread Board Hard Maple 28W"x22D"x3/4" $95.00

Large hard maple surface is perfect for kneading bread dough, rolling out pizza or pie dough, working with pastry dough and many other tasks. Reversible with 1 1/2" lip on both sides to hold board in place when kneading or working with dough. When price shopping for a bread kneading board, pay attention to the size and type of wood. Cheaper boards are either smaller and/or made of inferior softer red maple or other soft woods. We feel our board provides the best value on the market when size, quality and price are all factored together. The handcrafted durability of this kneading board will be valued for generations. Suggestion: Keep one side smooth for working with dough and use the reverse side as a cutting board. Made of the finest hard maple by Amish master craftsmen in the heartland of the US. Large 28" (wide) x 22(depth)" x 3/4"(thick)


Pastry/ Bread Board Hard Maple 28W"x22D"x3/4"  $95.00
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Price $95.00
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